Flashback Excerpt: I Accidentally Started a Romcom Story in 2018.

We were sat in a busy pub in Wimbledon called The Alexandria, on a school night.

“I’m your first EVER date?” Tom asked, eyebrows raised with a cheeky grin.

“Yeah, I was in a 9-year relationship!” I exclaimed, whilst chuckling to myself.

“If I’d known I would have taken you somewhere nicer than the local pub” Tom gested, in his thick scouse accent.

And there I found myself, at 28, single for the first time. The funny thing about being in a stable relationship with the same guy from the ripe age of 18 is that I never had to worry about what most girls worried about throughout their 20s – being attractive to men. I’ve always been that carefree girl that paid little attention to what society cared about. Suddenly, I found myself scrutinising my appearance, observing other women, and trying to fit in.

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